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Intrusion Detection

Our security systems are designed to keep burglars out and keep valuables and lives protected. If your security system is tripped, your Dynamark Monitoring Station will be notified within seconds. You have worked hard and invested your time in making your business a success – and you can protect it for less than a dollar a day.

Intrusion Detection



Your keypad is the used to arm and disarm your security system. The Deluxe Keypad is easy to install and simple to use. The attractive white console blends with any décor and features a contoured, removable door that conceals illuminated soft-touch keys. It also features a new larger and brighter 32-character display with easy-to-read plain-English status messages.

The oversized function keys are easily accessed even when the keypad door is closed, and can be programmed for fire, burglary, personal emergencies and other operations. Colored self-adhesive labels are included. This keypad has a chime feature that allows you to turn it on and off as needed. When a door is opened a sound will come through the speaker of the keypad which gives you a heads up before anyone enters your home.

Your keypad can be set in two different modes, away mode and stay mode. When you are leaving for the day (or going away) you set your security system in the away mode. The away mode means that all of your exterior and interior security in on. When you go to bed at night you would set your security system in the stay mode (because you are staying home). The stay mode means that all of your exterior security is on, but if you have any motion sensors they are not on. This allows you to move freely throughout your house while still being protected. Your fire protection is always working, in both modes, as well as when your system is off.

Door Sensors

Door Sensors

Statistics have shown that 82% of break-ins come through the doors. By protecting your doors you are cutting your chances of being broken into by over half. We always suggest adding door sensors (magnetic contacts) to all of the perimeter doors of your home. Protecting your most vulnerable doors first, is the key. Start with your back basement door and any doors on the back side of your house. These doors are most vulnerable because they are usually hidden from the road and are easy to access. We then suggest protecting any walk through garage doors you may have, if you do not feel the need to do this, then we recommend protecting the door leading into your house from your garage. Doing both will provide maximum protection for you and your family. Even though your front door can usually be seen easily by the nearest road it is still very vulnerable. We suggest putting door sensors on all of your doors, but what you want to protect is totally up to the way you feel. Dynamark Atlantic Security Systems Inc. can custom design any system to fit your needs.

We use top of the line magnetic contact, door transmitters from Honeywell. These transmitters are small in size, come in both white and brown and are made to blend in with your door’s décor. This component can be either hardwired or wireless.

Window Sensors

The 5800 Series of door and window transmitters provide the most reliable, convenient and cost effective solutions for security protection. These devices are powerful and versatile enough to help solve even the toughest, most labor intensive installations.

Protecting your home’s doors and windows provide maximum perimeter protection for you and your family. Our sales consultants will be able to advise you on which windows are most vulnerable in your home to provide the most cost effective security system for your needs.

Our window sensors are made by Honeywell and are small in size. They come in both white and brown which will fit with any décor. These components can be hardwired or wireless.

Motion Detectors

Also known as Passive Infrared, these devices detect motion. Motion detectors can be placed anywhere, throughout your entire house. We describe Motion Detectors as your backup form of protection. We want to keep the burglars out; this is why we suggest protecting the perimeter of your house first, but just in case, Motion detectors are a great way to achieve maximum protection. For all you pet lovers out there, we have pet immune motion detectors that can detect the difference between a human and a pet that weighs up to 70 lbs.

Our motion detectors are small in size and are usually mounted in corners to fan out over entire rooms and down hallways. These components can be hardwired or wireless.

Wireless Remote Control Keyfob

Wireless Remote Control Keyfob

If you value convenience and ease of operation, you’ll love our wireless remote control Keyfob. Similar in size to a remote car alarm key, it offers many of the features of a traditional security system keypad with convenient fingertip control.

The compact, lightweight keyfob travels with you-fitting easily into purses, pockets and automobile glove compartments.

  • Arms and disarms security system
  • Remote control of select lights and apliances
  • Simple, single-button operation (no codes)
  • Sleek design incorporates four fully programmable buttons with recessed keys- can include a panic button
  • Equipped with long-life, user-replaceable lithium batteries

The Wireless Remote Control Keyfob is the perfect fit for your active life because it’s security that goes with you- letting you enjoy extra mobility without even compromising your safety or peace of mind.

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