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Burglar Busted Breaking into Home

WOBURN (CBS) —- A homeowner doesn’t always get to see a burglary in progress, but since Jacqui Duffy got a new security camera, a thief was caught and busted.

She purchased the system after a thief broke through the same window two years ago, both times by pushing out an air conditioner.

This time the camera was looking right at the window when the thief was seen squeezing his way into her den.

“When I saw the video I was mad that somebody was coming into my house to take my stuff. Then I was relieved the security system we spent so much money on worked,” said Duffy.

He made his landing on a toy chest and was met by the motion detector which alerted the homeowner that someone had broken in.

By the time Duffy arrived home the police were there and she knew she had the video. The burglar had run out the front door without taking anything.

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